Every donation to "kesher" means strengthening and support for another special family.
    In Israel there are 320,000 children with special needs, behind every child there is a family.
    Every family with its own unique story. Imagine living in a family whose child's disability prevents him from eating, getting dressed and walk independently, or a family whose child is deafness that help him to communicate in sign language and prepares him to function in hearing society.
    These are the families of "kesher".
    Families that love and raise their special children in a complex reality, with inspiring dedication. These families face struggles in all aspects of life: economical, social, occupational, and even at home. They do it every day with devotion, faith and diligence – helping their children to advance and develop.
    Special families are the power behind special children, and we are here to help and support.
    Thank you so much for making a contribution to the work of Kesher – The Home for Special Families in Israel

    The following are your options:
    • If the issue of tax deductibility is not relevant for you:
    please make your check out to ” Kesher” and mail it to Kesher, Yad Harutzim 4 Jerusalem ISRAEL 93420
    •  For your contribution to be tax deductible in the U.S.:
    please make your check out to PEF – Israel Endowment Funds and mail it with a note in the memo line of the check and/or in an accompanying note requesting that this contribution be designated for Kesher
    – The Home for Special Families
    PEF Israel Endowment Funds, 317 Madison Ave, NYC, NY 10017.
    (PEF will issue you the receipt, transfer 100% of your contribution to us and we will acknowledge your gift when we receive it.
    •  you can make your tax deductible contribution via credit card on our Israel Gives site: http://www.israelgives.org/amuta/580235125
     However, note that we will be charged credit card and administrative fees around 6%.
    •  By Phone, please call +972 (0)2 623 6116 (Hila Mizrahi)

    For further details, questions or requests send E-mail to: info@mrkesher.org.il
    We appreciate any type or size of donation.
    Your donation means a connection with another family.


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